Life has a way of revealing us to ourselves. Sometimes the revelations are as gentle as the unfolding of a cherry blossom. Sometimes as swift and harsh as lightening. What has been revealed to me is that doing what makes my heart sing is essential.

Fifteen years of experience as a sales representative in the gift industry, intensive work as a team leader with personal growth seminars and two years in the advertising has given me a unique approach to marketing. I believe that success in business is a direct result of the nurturing of sincere relationships. I will set the foundations of those relationships with your web site design.

Designing for you as I look out my office window
 at the deer, the squirrels and the Ponderosa Pines 
and then taking a break to walk my little dogs or 
work on a painting in my studio is my 
heaven on earth.

Thank you for letting  me help you with 
what you love to do as I am doing what 
I love.

Living with gratitude,


A Little About Me